Senior Fitness


Welcome to the Club!
I am excited to offer this new fitness opportunity to you!
Effective September 1, 2017, the hours will be 10am-2pm MWF
The most important benefit to you is a supervised excercise program by me, Michelle Psoras, a certified personal trainer. I will oversee your progress, meet with you reguarly to review and discuss your unique fitness needs, current health, and refine your exercise program as needed. I will be monitoring your form as you work and suggest modifications as needed. Most importantly, you are accountable to me to attend as much as you can. And please, continue the fun, conversation and laughter!

The Nustep machines will continue to be available to only members of the Senior Fitness Club.

I have been a certified personal trainer since March of 2005. I have 12 years of experience working with seniors at Quest Fitness. I enjoy teaching balance classes, too.

Please call for more information if you have any questions or concerns.
Michelle Psoras Contact #: 410-598-3231

I look forward to working with you!