Member Testimonials

Yoga classes at Quest are outstanding! The instructors are very knowledgeable and professional with many years of experience. I am keeping my entire body flexible, it is so important as we age. I am so glad yoga has become such a necessary and enjoyable part of taking care of myself.
- Sandy

I've been taking yoga classes here at Quest with Olga for about 10 years. I'm committed to coming to class twice a week now. The benefits are enormous. I once had many kinds of back and joint problems and have experienced great improvement in all areas, including better balance. My experience with Olga has been wonderful. She is so knowledgeable and understands the needs of her students. I can say that yoga has changed my life for the better. My blood pressure is even lower. I recommend yoga for all.It's truly a mind/body experience and will also increase strengh and flexibility.
- Linda Shaw

Quest is the place to be! I've been a member almost 10 years, and any experience has been and continues to be great. The staff is wonderful. The programs are excellent. I'm proud to be a member!
- Linda Zacharias

I have been a member of Quest for 2.5 years. I absolutely enjoy the positive atmosphere. The classes are great. The instructors are knowledgeable, diverse in their classes, and the classes are fun. My daily routine starts at 5am at Quest. I am always greeted by Doris and Sharon with a smile and a pleasant attitude. The members are also very pleasant. In addition to the people, I have lost 35 lbs. and have kept it off! I attribute my weight loss to the classes and to the boot camp class. This has been and will continue to be a fantastic journey.
- Tawanda

I will say that from my experience it's always been clean, particularly the equipment. Quest has all that I need - I'm simply there to use the treadmills (which come with flat-screen TVs - Sportscenter is an absolute necessity while running), and the weight area, which has a good selection of machines and free weights. What I really like is that it's never crowded, as there is nothing worse than having to wait to use the machine you want. I'd also add that the staff has been friendly to me, so no complaints on that end.
- Google Review

As a mother, I must say that the child care service that Quest provides is so convenient. Now I have no excuses! I can drop my son off and get my workout in at the same time, and I never have to wait for equipment, which is perfect for us busy moms!
- Joanne